Do Older Entrepreneurs Have An Advantage?


In many ways, experience is the most important tool entrepreneurs can have. Experience can color virtually every decision and idea, which can give older individuals an edge when it comes to succeeding in the business world. While some may look at age as a disadvantage, the opposite is actually true, as life experience and the skills you gained through the years will put you in a better position to meet your goals.

Younger entrepreneurs will naturally have a different perspective on things. They will approach problems differently, and they may even have different goals. A younger individual may be primarily focused on making a profit as soon as possible, while someone older may have more well-rounded goals, such as achieving long-term stability. Older entrepreneurs know how to play the long game, having the ability to rely on lessons learned from earlier in their careers.

Older entrepreneurs have likely already honed their leadership and management skills. It’s likely they have already been in positions that allowed them to make decisions, manage others, lead initiatives and deal with problems. This type of experience is truly invaluable, especially in situations that are complex or difficult to manage. An older person is more likely to have the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate challenges associated with difficult co-workers, clients or employees.

Entrepreneurs who are older have different perspectives and skills, and these are two intangible things that can make a significant difference in one’s success. If you think you are too old to try something new or start your own business, chances are you are selling yourself short. Instead of viewing your age as something that could hold you back, think of your age a valuable tool that not only sets you apart but also gives you an advantage.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

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