Leading a purpose filled life is an admirable goal and one for which a great number of people strive. However, actually meeting that goal can be easier said than done. For one group of people, this task can be even more difficult.

Most people operate under the idea that each individual person has a single purpose in life. While it may be true to a certain extent, a more accurate way to express this idea might be to say that each individual person has at least one purpose in life.

There are actually quite a few people who feel as though they have multiple purposes in life. The general public might know these people better as serial entrepreneurs.

When there is more than one purpose tugging on the heartstrings, actually deciding which purpose to follow can be a confusing ordeal. For some, it might even feel like an all or nothing situation. However, having more than one purpose in life can be an exceedingly valuable asset in the world of business, but for far too many people, it can also feel like a burden. Instead of bemoaning the fact that doing everything all at once is impossible, take it slow, focus on a single purpose at a time and take some form of daily action to make it happen.

Not sure which purpose to act on first? Consider the greatest need that each of your purposes can potentially serve. Is there a market that desperately needs what one of your purposes can offer? Are you driven by one purpose more than any of the others? Take some time to truly consider the implications of each purpose, and then move forward on the one you deem to be the most meaningful, because going backward or remaining hesitant will never take you anywhere.

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