Delegation: Get More Done And Save Your Sanity

Any person who has succeeded in a leadership position knows the benefits of delegation. Delegating tasks does not mean that you can’t or won’t do certain things, it simply means that you are smart enough to know that it can help you get more done — and help you save your sanity. Delegating tasks involves much more than just assigning certain tasks to people who work for you or with you. It takes thought and intention to do this in a way that will boost overall productivity, allow your team to shine and provide you with a way to focus on other pressing matters.

One of the hardest things for many entrepreneurs to do is to let go of control. If you started your company from the ground up, there was a time when you were probably taking care of every single thing required to succeed. As your company grows, however, and you hire more people, this is no longer necessary. If you hire good, capable employees, it’s okay to hand over the reins in certain areas. This will ultimately result in less stress for you and employees who have ownership in their jobs.

Delegating tasks may mean there will be times that you need to hear your employees out and take their suggestions. Once you let go of control of certain areas of your business, you may find yourself unfamiliar with certain things that your employees typically handle — that’s okay. Listen to the people who work with you and care about your company. This doesn’t diminish your role as the owner; it simply means you are smart enough to give your employees the tools they need to succeed and the opportunity to do so.

Delegation is tricky, and you may not initially be comfortable with relinquishing control. You can’t always do it all, especially as your business is growing and changing. By trying to do it all, you could be sacrificing your sanity simply to maintain control, and this typically is not worth it. Learn to let go, and you might be quite surprised at just how beneficial it can be for both you and your company.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

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