Defining Your Purpose Can Lead to Happiness in 2016

The holidays normally give most people the opportunity to sit and reflect on the past year, and, for some, this can lead to less than ideal realizations. When living outside one’s purpose, happiness is not always easy to come by, which can foster feelings of hopelessness and distress that so many people seem to experience this time of year. Instead of being resigned to the “same ole, same ole” and another year of dissatisfaction, take the time to figure out if you are truly living up to your purpose.


Are you happy?

While fulfilling your life’s purpose does not necessarily result in immediate happiness, it should definitely lead to future enjoyment. If your answer was “no,” take the time now to try and figure out exactly what your purpose is and then how to apply it to your life in the New Year. Here are a few tips and tricks for discovering your purpose:


  • Spend some time journaling and reflecting on your life. Focus on your current goals, wishes and wants.
  • Evaluate what would make you most happy and how to attain that feeling.
  • Consider your talents and expertise. Do you have a flair for business or service? What about creating or helping?


Once discovered, your purpose should act as a light guiding your path in life. After that purpose is unearthed, use it to define and shape any resolutions that you set during the New Year, and consider keeping a journal along the way. By the end of 2016, you should be able to reflect back and see the changes that your purpose has brought into your life.

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