Customers Unable to Find Your Website? Your Keywords Could Be to Blame

A well-written piece of copy that accurately represents a product to the target market is one of the most important aspects of a business’s website. But, exactly how useful is that copy if no one can actually locate it? This is where keywords can change the game.

First, make sure that your keywords are actually relevant to your product. Adding unnecessary keywords simply to draw in more traffic can lead to confusion among your customers and can even leave some feeling frustrated and fooled.

Let’s take another look at our fictional tablet. We can even go back to one of our previous articles (“Do you really know your product?”) to find some useful keywords. For now, we will use these:

  • Lightweight
  • Transportable
  • Durable
  • Customizable

When used alongside other significant keywords like “tablet” and “technology,” we can hope that searchers are driven toward our website.

However, is there any way to be certain that our website will actually pop up and not be buried 10 pages deep during an online search? The popularity of individual keywords plays an enormous role in whittling down a long list of potential keywords to only one or two viable options. While this may take a bit of time to research, it can actually be accomplished quite easily with the right tools.

Google Trends is an invaluable resource for copywriters. By searching keywords individually and in pairs, you can view the popularity and number of matching results. Typically, an ideal search term would include keywords that yield a high popularity alongside relatively low-matching results. If lots of people are searching for customizable tablets but there are only a few hits, there is a good chance that your copy will make it to your customer.

If you have already written and published a piece of copy on your website but have been receiving relatively few visits, consider if your keywords are playing a role in the low number of hits. If necessary, be sure to update to more optimal and focused keywords.

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