Customer Service That Counts

customer service

We live in a world where one opinion posted on social media by just one unhappy customer can inflict serious damage to the reputation of a company. If you are a small business owner, it’s critical to handle these delicate situations carefully, but it is just as important to instill a culture of excellent customer service in order to avoid such situations as much as possible.

customer serviceFortunately, excellent customer service isn’t difficult, it simply requires commitment, well trained staff and a customer-first mentality. If you need to revamp your customer service strategy, it is of primary importance to have the right people to interact with your clientele.  Choose the right people, keep the circle small and train them to handle a range of situations appropriately. Customer service doesn’t necessarily mean that you must bow to the whim of every customer, but it does require a “soft touch” and the ability keep control of emotions at all times.

Customers may not be right 100 percent of the time, but they can be a valuable source of information, opinions and suggestions for improvement. Don’t be afraid to listen to what your customers are saying. Even if you think that you are right, client feedback could point you in a more profitable and beneficial direction that you haven’t considered before.

Entrepreneurs are in the people business, no matter what services and products they provide. Treat people well, and they will do the same for you in return by patronizing your business and recommending you to their friends. Customer service doesn’t have to be complicated—put people first by prioritizing a culture of service and assistance at your business and with your employees.

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