Creating Content That People Actually Want To Read


If you have a blog or have created content for a website or other medium, you know how unbelievably impossible it can be to write content that is original, interesting and informative. It’s hard to be interesting when it seems that everything has already been said, either by you or a random person on the internet, but it is still possible to create something that people want to read, and, better yet, something that is not a total snooze-fest.

It can be difficult to create content that is unique when you are following someone else’s formula or trying to retell something you’ve already said in a new way. Stop trying to find new ways to say old things, and, instead, just tell you own story. Here is the great thing about reliving your own story through your content: you can cover the entire scope of the internet and never stumble across a person who has lived your life. The things that make you tick, the reasons you became an entrepreneur and reason why you believe what you believe is unique to you and you alone.

Creating content on a regular basis is a great way to run out of ideas really fast. Blogging is great, even necessary, for anyone looking to increase exposure, and this is a great opportunity to think back to the beginning of your small business venture. Explain why you started, look back at your missteps and explain your growth. Don’t be afraid to tell the whole story–the good, the bad and the ugly. Retelling your personal and professional experiences is one of the most effective ways to generate more interest in your content. It’s why art always imitates life—nothing is as interesting as reality.

As you tell your story, be honest and funny, but don’t be afraid to also use daily life experiences to engage with your readers. Engaging, relateable, shareable content is a lighting-fast way to increase your exposure. So don’t be afraid to lean on your own experiences to connect with your readers and potential customers.

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