Copywriters Should Know When To Drop A Client


Each client likely has preferences on how they want their content written, and a copywriter often must adapt to meet those needs. Occasionally, you may find a client to be difficult and realize that working with them is no longer worth your time. When this happens, you may have to drop a client, which can be an intimidating process.

Knowing when to drop a client

The thought of dropping a client, which will directly affect your income, can be stressful. You may worry about not being able to find new clients to replace the ones you stopped working with, but sometimes, working with a difficult client is not worth the impact it can have on your mental well-being. If you find that a client is asking too much of you, whether that means not paying you for your time, adding to, or continuously changing project guidelines, it may be time for you to step away. Before walking away completely, respectfully communicate with your client about the issues to see if they wish to make changes and continue the working relationship. If not, it’s probably time to end it.

How to end your relationship professionally

One of the most important things to a copywriter is their reputation. When dropping a client, you want to do so with respect and professionalism. Give your client notice before ending the relationship. Unless the client is extremely toxic, it’s best to complete any projects you’re already working on, and fulfill any contracts you have, before walking away. There’s usually no need to explain in detail why you’re ending the relationship. Simply tell your client that you’re making some changes in your career, and you can no longer take on their projects.

Dropping a client is difficult, but sometimes it’s necessary. If a client has unrealistic expectations, you may never be able to please them, which can cost you both time and income. If you do have to drop a client, be professional and choose your words wisely when ending the relationship. This will help protect your reputation so you’re able to find new clients to work with, moving forward.  

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