Copywriters May Have To Shift To Stay Ahead Of Artificial Intelligence 

artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is here and it’s likely here to stay. While it can’t replace many jobs, it is already taking a lot of work away from copywriters. Even though AI-generated content doesn’t have the same feel as content written by humans, some clients are choosing to use it because it’s simply cheaper. If you work in copywriting and you haven’t lost work yet due to AI, count yourself lucky. The only way for copywriters to continue to get work is to learn new skills and try to stay ahead of technology by providing content that AI can’t.

Finding success in an artificial world

While AI can create content quickly based on client-provided prompts, the content generally has a robotic vibe. The best way for human writers to get clients is to showcase their creativity. Build relationships with your clients where you understand what they want, and they know you’re available to make changes or come up with new ideas. You may need to shift to a niche market or look for new clients who prefer human writers. They are out there and the demand for human writers may return once the shiny newness of AI-generated content has worn off. 

Artificial intelligence has many flaws

AI cannot do what the human brain does, and it’s unlikely that we will see technology that can exactly replicate content written by human writers. AI mimics human writers, but it cannot understand what is being written. Humans have the advantage in that they can communicate with a client, ask questions, and write content specifically geared toward what the client wants.  As a writer use what you have that makes you superior to artificial intelligence. Human emotions add warmth to writing that a computer program cannot replicate. 

If you’re a copywriter, you may have already felt the effects of artificial intelligence at work. It’s cheap, it’s quick, and it’s easy to use. But AI can’t replace human writers completely. If you want to continue to be successful in copywriting, play to your strengths as a human writer. You can form relationships with your clients and provide that human connection that no program can offer. Shift as needed and learn new skills so you can promote yourself as a copywriter that exceeds what can be offered by artificial intelligence programs.  

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