Are you just beginning to build your business? You know how important it is to build a website and have a strong online presence, but how can you be certain that you are presenting a quality product? Anyone can type a brochure, buy a domain name or draft a business proposal. As more customers first connect with vendors online, either through Facebook, website or a blog, it is essential that every business consider copy editing as one of the necessary components to its online presence.

Copy editing is simply editing or proofing every written word on anything that will be read or seen by potential customers. For hundreds of years, writers have been passing along manuscripts and drafts to an editor. It is the most efficient way to ensure that there are no mistakes with either the grammar or spelling. There is immeasurable value in having a third party review, edit and read any material that will be made public.

What does this mean for you? Business owners, website builders, entrepreneurs, etc. should note the following when considering hiring copy editing services for a business:

  • Who: Copy editing should be done by a professional, not just a family member who has a minor in English. A copy editor should know grammar and be up-to-date on any changes to common grammar issues (such as the use of the Oxford comma). Additionally, a copy editor should be able to convey the purpose of your business in a thoughtful, relatable and professional manner. While a professional copy editor will not change the content of your website, he or she should have the experience to know what will be effective in online mediums.
  • What: Your copy editor should be proofing grammar, sentence structure and spelling. If there are any major issues with a document or website, a copy editor has the experience needed to determine the optimal way to correct these problems.
  • Why: One misspelled word or poorly constructed sentence on a website can be enough to “turn off” a customer from your business. Not only should the permanent content of your website be perfect, every tweet, Facebook update and blog post should be, as well. This is a tall order for any business owner, especially in addition to the daily pressures of operating a business — hence, the need for a neutral third party to manage this aspect of your business operation.

We are proud to offer copy editing services to our clients. We understand how important it is to have a strong online presence, and we can ensure that you always present the best possible product to your existing and potential customers and clients. In addition to copy editing, we also offer high-quality copy-writing services for businesses of all kinds. Let us help you build, edit or manage your website and online material–we can help you set your business apart from the competition.


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