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Content & Copywriting shop

Perfect for small batches and / or single orders of content.

Choose Self Service If:
  • You are a small business or individual who has occasional content needs that are smaller in scope and scale

  • You are spending on average less than $500 per month on content creation

Benefits of Self Service

No minimums
No Contracts
Fast Turnaround Time

Typically 48 hours but could be up to 5 days.

Convenient Online Ordering

Quality Assurance

We pride ourselves in producing the highest quality products in our industry. Every single piece of content that bears the Vertu touch is fully edited and proofread for accuracy, SEO, spelling, grammar, context, flow and brand-suitability -- every piece. Every. Single. Piece. That means you can rest easy, post easy, share easy, and submit easy knowing that every word of content that represents your company has been through a stringent quality assurance process.

Content Shop

* Specialty posts & pages are ideal for clients in highly technical or specialized fields (such a medical, legal, and real estate), and whose average readership expects a deeper dive into any given subject matter.

FREE Editing

An extra layer of proofreading is included on all our products.

Most of our products include SEO Work

We provide a Title Tag and Meta Description

We write around a keyword or keyphrase

(1) Choose a product from our content shop above.

(2) Decide how many you want to order.

For most of our larger products, the maximum amount you can order at one time with Self Service is 9 items. It varies for our smaller ones.  

(3) Provide master instructions & fill in the details for EACH ITEM you are ordering.

The more specific you can be - the better and faster we can write for you!

(4) Add to cart and checkout!

As part of this process, we'll create an online account for you.

(5) Our team will review your order.

We'll ask for clarification if we need it. Otherwise, we'll get right to creating your awesome content.

(6) Your content will be ready within 48 hours - 5 business days.

If you have an urgent need, please communicate this and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Curveball Content

For your needs that aren’t represented in our product selection above.

  • eBooks

  • White Papers

  • Speech Writing

  • Technical Writing

  • Video Scripts

  • Photo Descriptions

  • Journalistic Writing

  • Letter Writing

  • Grant Writing

  • Transcription Services

  • Other...

... you name it, we can write it!

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