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We provide a professional and affordable copywriting service, and write content that will engage your audience and attract new clients and customers.

We write. We are storytellers, encouragers and marketologists, and we're ding-dang excited about it.

Does quality content matter?

Yes, quality content matters!

The written word is the pathway on which people arrive at your message, your business and your brand. without the written word, all the effort put into digital marketing would be fruitless. Whether you are a business owner or lifestyle blogger, no one finds you without quality content.

Hands down, content creates leads. It creates culture. The combination of content and creative marketing components is the life breath of any brand. Come what may in online advancement, until a computer or smart phone can read minds – we will rely on content to thrive. ~Tylie Eaves, Vertū Marketing LLC, CEO

No matter your written need, we can help you!

The staff at Vertū Marketing is expertly trained to provide perfectly optimized copy for each client we serve. No matter what you need written, we can write it. And, at the risk of sounding pompous, we are really good at it.

Copywriting service has been a cornerstone of our business for a really long time now; we know what works and what doesn’t. We use the most effective SEO (search engine optimization) techniques, as well as timeless methodology, to create digital content that is captivating for the human reader and a magnet for search engines.

  • Blog Posts

  • Web Pages

  • Product Descriptions

  • Category Descriptions

  • Articles

  • Real Estate Sales Content

  • Social Media Posts

  • Press Releases

  • Standalone Editing

  • eBooks

  • White Papers

  • Speech Writing

  • Technical Writing

  • Video Scripts

  • Photo Descriptions

  • Journalistic Writing

  • Letter Writing

  • Ghost Writing

  • Grant Writing

  • Transcription Services

  • Other...

Quality Assurance

We pride ourselves in producing the highest quality products in our industry. Every single piece of content that bears the Vertu touch is fully edited and proofread for accuracy, SEO, spelling, grammar, context, flow and brand-suitability — every piece. Every. Single. Piece. That means you can rest easy, post easy, share easy, and submit easy knowing that every word of content that represents your company has been through a stringent quality assurance process.

We offer the best prices in our market!

Quite literally, you won’t find expert-level services at these rates anywhere; we dare you to look. In fact, if you DO find expert-level (emphasis on the “expert”) professional copywriting service somewhere for less, and you can prove it, let us know – we’ll eat the crow AND match their prices.

How can I purchase content?

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