Coming Back From The Brink

Every business owner has toyed with the idea of giving up. Owning a business, whether big or small, is fraught with challenges and frustrations. On many occasions, there is no way around the difficulty; it is simply an inevitable part of business.

Frustrations come in various shapes and sizes and may involve issues such as debt, employee motivation, low sales, high overhead and competition. Despite the overwhelming nature of challenges, many business owners have been able to bring a business back from the brink of failure. It has been said that entrepreneurs are willing to work 80 hours per week just to avoid working 40 hours per week. This determination, among other practical steps, may be the reason for the following back-from-the-brink success stories of these companies:

  • Disney
  • Apple
  • Best Buy
  • GM
  • Continental Airlines
  • IBM

These are just a few of many world-famous businesses that have teetered on the edge of collapse at some point in their history. In many of these success stories, the turning point came with just one good idea, one wise financial move or one smart marketing maneuver.

Few businesses will expand into an international conglomerate, but every business deserves a second chance. For you, this chance may come with a boost of energy in your marketing strategy and a fresh approach to your online presence. At Virtue Marketing, we offer practical services for businesses of all types and sizes. We assist business owners in many ways, including marketing and website copy.

Every entrepreneur has been discouraged and overwhelmed at some point in his or her career. What is important is how one responds to the challenges and moves forward. Find out how we can help rejuvenate your business, instead of throwing in the towel, by contacting us today to get the support and help your business deserves.

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