Certain Mistakes Can Tank Your Marketing Plan

Marketing is a crucial part of building a brand, establishing a customer base and getting your company the exposure it needs. This means that you will have to develop a marketing strategy that suits the needs of your company, implements social media and more. However, the most thorough and well-intentioned marketing plan may not be very effective if you make certain mistakes. Before you move ahead, you may want to be sure that certain mistakes don’t tank your marketing plan.

One mistake people often make is assuming simply because they write something that people will read it. This is not necessarily true. If you write a blog, a Facebook post or even a new Instagram post, make sure people know. It can be the smartest, best thing you’ve ever written it, but this doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be promoted — don’t be afraid to get your stuff out there. Another thing that’s important to note is that over time your products, promotions, opinions and even your company operations may have changed. This doesn’t mean you have to delete everything that’s outdated, but you will want to add updates to old posts that may confuse readers.

One common marketing mistake is to assume people only want to see new content all the time. While people certainly don’t want to be bored or read the same thing over and over, it doesn’t mean you have to create new content on a daily basis. Some of the most successful marketing plans recycle old material, repackage it, reproduce it or reintroduce it in new and exciting ways. You don’t have to recreate the wheel — you just have to show it to people in a new light.

Don’t overlook the benefit of the free or inexpensive tools available to you. Common marketing mistakes include failing to send out newsletters by email and failing to use Facebook and Instagram to their full potential. These are a just a few, simple ways that you can start to build rapport with your followers and begin to establish brand recognition. With a little homework and hard work, you can avoid marketing mistakes that can have a negative impact on your efforts.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

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