Certain Choices In An Uncertain World


It’s more evident than ever that we’re living in an unpredictable world. Things can change from one day to the next, making it difficult to make decisions that will propel you forward. How can you feel certain about the decisions you’re making in an uncertain world?

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to know exactly how your decisions will play out. There is no guarantee your choices will turn out like you hoped, but there are things you can do to make sure your decisions are as successful as reasonably possible. One of these may include refraining from thinking about decisions from a black-and-white perspective. There is likely no perfect choice, and there may not even be a right or wrong choice.

Instead of thinking of making decisions in this way, consider your choices from the perspective of where you want to go. Decide based on what is most likely to move you in the right direction. You don’t have to strive for perfect choices, just try and make smart ones. If you are a little afraid because of poor decisions in the past, allow that to make you smarter and stronger. You’re just trying to go the right way – not achieve a fictional level of perfection.

It may feel more difficult than ever to make decisions right now, especially ones that could have a long-term impact. The world has changed significantly this year, and everything may feel harder or even impossible. If you are faced with tough decisions in a time of such uncertainty, know that you aren’t alone. No one knows what the next month will look like, yet alone the next year.

There is so much you cannot control, but you do have the ability to make choices based on the information you have and the direction you want to go. Let go of your desire for certainty and perfect choices, and know that if you do make a choice that doesn’t work out, you can pick up the pieces, learn from it and try again.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

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