Business Cards And The Personal Touch–These Things Still Matter

business cards

Almost all things are digital now in business–marketing, mail and everything else. It is possible to even hold meetings, interview candidates for employment and close deals through Skype and other means of digital communication. In many ways, this makes life easier. It’s faster and simpler to do things like stay in contact with prospective customers and employ new marketing strategies on social media. Yet, despite the many benefits of the internet, digital marketing and social media, there is still much to be said for the personal touch—like old school business cards.

Business cards are a great example of how a little bit of the old school plus a small personal touch can be a powerful tool to help you make better connections and build stronger business relationships. Not that long ago, people exchanged contact information by swapping business cards. Most business relationships were built on handshakes and eye contact, not a Facebook message or an email. This is still incredibly important. In fact, making the effort to see people face to face instead of solely relying on digital contact methods can mean stronger organic growth for your business.

When you hand someone a business card, you are not only looking him or her in the eye and potentially making a strong impression, you are showing initiative and demonstrating that you are prepared. You do not have to hand someone your card to do these things, but it is certainly much harder to show when your only means of communication are online. Business cards are only one example of how important it is to employ a personal touch whenever possible. Handshakes, phone calls and meeting people in person is still incredibly powerful–don’t set these things aside for the sake of convenience.

In today’s constantly connected digital world, people are starving for real and authentic connections. The personal touch still matters, so don’t underestimate how effective it can be to initiate business relationships face to face, in person and with an old-fashioned handshake.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

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