Burnout: How You Can Fight Off This Career Killer


Even with immense passion for what you are doing, you may find yourself experiencing burnout. For many, burnout is an eventual career killer, an unstoppable force that slowly eats away at your joy and the meaning behind why you do what you do. Burnout is one of the main reasons why people not only leave their jobs, but also leave their entire career field and head for the hills. Entrepreneurs and small business owners are particularly susceptible to burnout, but recognizing the signs and symptoms of this problem can help you avoid traveling down a path that may ultimately result in the abandonment of your dreams.

Burnout comes from too much work and not enough of other important things in life, such as time with family and friends, sleep and self-care, just to name a few. It’s more than just working hard for a period of time, but it generally is a result of an extended period of stress, too little sleep and no breaks. It can be hard to know the difference between burnout and just a difficult period in the life of your business, but there are few signs that may indicate burnout, including:

  • Decline in your general health
  • Difficulty thinking clearly and making good decisions
  • Trouble maintaining personal relationships
  • Working all the time, including at home
  • Chronic fatigue and little sleep
  • Lack of motivation to work
  • Loss of purpose behind your work
  • Inability to do good work or do work you used to be able to do

You are the only person who can decide how to best fight burnout and save your passion for what you do. For some, implementing and following a strict schedule can help, while others need to be more intentional about maintaining work-free times with friends and family. These are not “pie in the sky” ways to make you feel better about your life, but they are ways that you can preserve your sanity and make self-care a priority again. If you are burning out, you are not your best self, and if you aren’t your best self, you probably aren’t doing good business. Be aware of what burnout looks life in your life, decide how best to fight it and work hard to protect your business and career from this dangerous issue.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

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