Building Customer Loyalty In Saturated Markets

customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is much more than customer service, and it is not about enticing people to patronize your business multiple times. Loyalty is built through connection, a sense of comfort and community. And, in the same way that people are loyal to friends who they love and trust, people are drawn to companies that are honest and focused on the needs of customers.

The loyal patronage of customers is a critical component of longevity in the business world, especially for businesses with a daunting amount of competition. Effective marketing is important, but loyalty has very little to do with how well your commercials or Facebook ads connected with a potential customer — it has a lot to do with how you make people feel. Simply put, if you can make people feel good about the outcome they are receiving from your business, there is a greater chance of return business. Care about what people want, and help them get it. 

In a world full of entitled individuals and social media whining, the thought of simply “giving people what they want” may make you bristle. It’s okay. This is not to say that you must bow to the whim of every client demand, but you must have a strong focus on achieving positive results for clients. In today’s world, many people want relationships and results more than they want tangible goods and products — worry less about the sale and more about the person to whom you are selling. This is the most effective way to build customer loyalty in a saturated market.

Be an expert in finding workable solutions. Study the art of finding positive solutions for every customer. Care about the value that the client will receive from the transaction. Dominate a competitive market and build customer loyalty by following this simple rule: put people first.

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