Build Your Business Around Your Passion


Successfully running a small business is no easy task. There are hundreds, even thousands, of career fields that are easier than entrepreneurship. When people choose to step into this line of work, it is typically motivated by a desire to change the world, work on their own terms or bring a specific product to a market with a particular need. Essentially, passion is what drives entrepreneurs to work long hours, network endlessly and keep pushing for “yes” after dozens of people have said “no”. If you want to work for yourself or are mulling a move into the small business world, you must ask yourself, “What is my passion?”

businessIf you are only motivated by profit, it could signal a long and hard road ahead. While income is important, money alone will not sustain your motivation when the road gets tough. Choose a venture rooted in an area that excites you, ignites your curiosity and propels you toward success. If you are passionate about fashion, don’t open a restaurant simply because you believe it will be more profitable.

A person’s passion is often connected with that individual’s strengths and abilities. Lean into your talents and dig deep to discover what it is that you feel strongly about. Build a business around your passion. Don’t start a business and hope that you are still excited about it in a year from now.

businessPassion should be the foundation of any successful business, the cornerstone of a well-executed business plan and the drive behind every sales call or calculated risk. What gets YOU excited? Answering that question could be the first step toward your future success.

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