Be Intentional About Burnout Prevention

Every professional struggles with feelings of exhaustion at some point. However, there is a point where exhaustion turns into a feeling of complete apathy and discontent. This is burnout, and it can significantly impact your future. Burnout is a real threat to the longevity and continued success of your business, and it’s worthwhile to know how to prevent it. While you will probably feel exhausted from time to time, you will find it beneficial to know how to protect yourself from stepping over the line into complete burnout. For some, this is the point of no return.

Some people take pride in overworking. There is a certain perception that in order to truly pursue success, a person has to be available at all hours to take calls, respond to emails and strategize for the next steps to take. Not only is that completely untrue, it can be physically, emotionally and mentally unhealthy. For the sake of your mind and body, develop a schedule that allows you to balance your personal life and your work life. Taking breaks, spending time with family, watching your kids soccers games — these are all good things for which you should make time.

There will be periods where you will be extremely busy. This is normal, but be wary about allowing them to stretch longer and longer until you find yourself in a lifestyle where you are always tired, always on the run and always working. This is a recipe for burnout. Teetering on the verge of complete burnout won’t help you be more successful. You will be a better, more competent version of yourself when you are not sleep deprived and constantly thinking about work.

Balance is the key to avoiding the burnout stage. Find ways to invite more balance into your life, and be intentional about carving out ways to practice self-care and get rest. Ultimately, these will make you a better entrepreneur, professional, leader, parent, friend and much more.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

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