Basic HR Skills You May Need

HR Skills

If you’re an entrepreneur or in leadership, knowing how to manage people is a critical skill. Even if you don’t work in a role specific to Human Resources, there are some basic HR skills you need to have. Personnel management skills will benefit you no matter what type of job you have or business you own, especially if you don’t have a designated HR department.

The first HR skill to hone is organization. It’s critical to keep employee files, contracts and other important documentation labeled, easily accessed and carefully organized. This can help prevent issues in case this information needs to verified or referenced in the future.

Second, you will find it helpful to have a basic understanding of employment laws. Without a designated HR department, the responsibility may fall on you to make sure employee rights are protected. You also need to be familiar with the right course of action in case of an employment issue or dispute.

These are examples of the administrative side to HR, but being an employer also requires you to know how to manage people as well. When creating jobs, develop meaningful roles so employees will connect with what they are doing. Strive to care about the employees as individuals, not just people who will benefit your company or help you accomplish specific goals. When there is genuine care and respect on both sides of the partnership, the employer-employee relationship will be much simpler and productive.

HR goes beyond paperwork and understanding employment laws. It is about creating a work environment that is respectful and beneficial for everyone. If you are a business owner also juggling the responsibility of HR management, it may help you to remember that prioritizing people and their well-being should be the first and primary goal as you manage employees.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

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