Baby Hit Me One More Time! Google Panda 4.0

Google recently made great strides toward its ultimate goal of creating high quality and unique information that is widely available to anyone with a question. Marissa Meyer explained in a behind-the-scenes video that Google’s goal has always been to answer peoples’ questions. This in and of itself is a lofty goal, but Google goes even further by wanting to answer peoples’ questions in a way that makes sense to them while remaining accurate and providing high-quality feedback.

Google Panda and Google Hummingbird are innovative and powerful algorithms which aim to increase the rankings of original, unique and high-quality websites while also eliminating spam-related sites. This is achieved by using the context of a query rather than just keywords (Confused by this sentence? Read this earlier post); something Google did before others, even after losing Meyer.

These changes mean a lot for you and your business, especially when trying to achieve high search engine rankings.

Does This Update Require Content Changes?

Since Google has been making a lot of changes, you might think that you need to make changes to your content to keep up with Panda 4.0. This may be true if your content is not unique and high quality. In this case, professional copywriters can completely update your content to be compliant with all of the changes afoot!

The reason why the services of a professional marketing company are a great deal is that high-quality and unique content is hard to create for most people. While many people are proficient writers, Google is not looking for proficient – it is looking for excellent. By definition, this means that optimized content may not be available in house, but will be available in companies with marketing expertise.

According to BusinessInsider, the effects of using mediocre or unoriginal content are not pretty. Ebay did not keep up with algorithm changes and has experienced a 30 percent visibility drop in rankings since Panda 4.0 has been released. Keeping your content up to date is your chance to have incredible gains in visibility, just like the website medterms.com. This dot-com company’s high-quality content is responsible for its 500 percent increase in visibility on search engine ratings.

Is It Worth The Cost?

Such a large uptick in visibility is shocking considering that professional copywriting services are really affordable. Ranging from about 80 dollars to a little over a thousand depending on the amount of content needed, a marketing make-over can be worth the cost. Not only do you get optimized content, you also get to free up time for other tasks.

For businesses of all sizes, time is really the most precious asset. Marketing professionals are experts in making a website standout. They can keep up with all the changes that allow your content to stay modern and easy to find.

Toot Toot!

It’s official, we’re tooting our own horn. The copywriters here at VM are experts in creating content that is both unique and high quality – exactly what the new Panda 4.0 algorithm is looking for. Let us save you time with our variety of content options and wide range of price points.

Our content expertise covers a lot of areas, but we really shine in the legal and medical industries. We also offer brand development and time management expertise as other means to help your business prosper and thrive!


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