Avoiding Common Small Business Mistakes


No one is perfect, and no one has the perfect formula for running a perfect business. If you are a entrepreneur, you know that there will be times when things do not go as expected. You may even make a mistake or two that sets you back and leaves you frustrated. While you can’t expect perfection, you can do things that will help you avoid certain common business mistakes.

Business mistakes can lead to financial loss, frustration and other complications. The good news is that when you make a mistake, you can learn from it and come out better because of it. They don’t necessarily have to dictate the direction of the future of your business, as long as you choose to implement what you’ve learned. Some of the most common business mistakes include the following:

• You do not use social media as a tool for marketing, expansion and reaching your target audience.
• You have not drafted a complete and thorough business plan that gives you a blueprint as you make your way forward.
• You did not do the proper research on your market, and you are not getting your products and services to the right people.
• You underpriced yourself, and now you do not have enough of a profit margin for necessary expansion.
• You did not listen to advise or research, and things are not going as you hoped they would.

There are few mistakes so big you can’t recover from them. While missteps and mistakes are normal, it’s how you react after them that really matters. If you are making any of the above mistakes or are struggling with a choice that did not work out as you hoped, there is a way forward. Identify the problem, work on a solution and evaluate your actions – these are steps that can help you avoid repeating the same mistake.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

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