Let Dreams Guide You to Your Purpose

What is fire without heat, or a bulb without light? The answer? Well, not much. The same goes for entrepreneurial ventures without purpose.

Perhaps, not surprising to some, an individual’s purpose in life is often related to his or her hopes and dreams. Unfortunately, dreams get downplayed a little too often once people enter adulthood and are instead relegated to Disney World and children with big, wide eyes and a hope for the world. Instead of squashing that dream in pursuit of a more sensible future, entrepreneurs can relight their dreams while simultaneously discovering (or perhaps rediscovering) their purposes.

With dreams come purpose.
Still not convinced to follow your dreams? Children often dream of what appears to be comically stereotypical futures. One kid wants to be a veterinarian, another wants to be an astronaut and another a doctor. Pretty generic, right? But, the reasons and motivations behind those dreams often reveal a deeply burning purpose that is perhaps igniting for the first time. The first child is not dreaming of becoming a veterinarian because puppies are cute, but he or she is doing so because helping animals brings joy. The kid dreaming of being a doctor just wants to help people in any way he or she can. And what about that astronaut with his or her eyes on the stars? Maybe he or she understands that someone needs to give hope to the world.

So, what was it that you dreamed of becoming when you were small? A scientist, an artist or maybe even a football player? Resist the urge to brush aside those desires when embarking down the path of entrepreneurship, because even when you were little, your purpose was trying to guide you.

Leaving Your Job? Follow These Easy Strategies for Entrepreneurs

The typical desk job or position at a large company can be difficult and frustrating for those with an entrepreneurial spirit. Far too often, ideas from these types of employees are overlooked or pushed aside in favor of more traditional pursuits for the company. For entrepreneurs, however, that type of response can be the start of something much bigger.

Many startups with some of the most innovative ideas were founded by people whose ideas were once ignored at their previous places of employment. Since these innovations typically fall in the same line of business, these startups tend to offer alternatives and even options not available at the larger, more established companies. The most successful entrepreneurs make the leap from employee to business owner by following some of the same strategies as the entrepreneurs who went before them:

  • Think big: Instead of thinking about where a project will land a business in the next day or next week, broaden your perspective to where it will lead your business over the next few years. Where will this new project or idea ultimately go, and what new options or products could it lead to?
  • Let go: Worried that an idea will not be successful on its own when Big Company Inc. turned it down? Fear can be one of the top roadblocks to successfully creating a new business, which means entrepreneurs have to learn to let go of fear in order to take the next step.
  • Embrace setbacks: Sometimes things just do not work out. A supplier falls through, web traffic is down or a new product is not performing as well as predicted. Instead of falling back in defeat, understand that setbacks are temporary, and then tackle the issue head on.

Moving away from a steady, guaranteed paycheck to become the owner of a startup is a remarkable moment in an entrepreneur’s life. Crafting personal strategies around basic entrepreneurial strategies that have stood the test of time is an effective way to make the transition.

Vertu Marketing CEO Finds Success By Serving Others

Succeeding in the online world with a small business is certainly not the easiest feat. One shining example of success is Tylie Eaves through her company Vertu Marketing LLC. Eaves has constructed a solid and successful business model at least partially built on a surprisingly simple foundation — quality service.


An online presence can be a complicated matter in the business world, a problem that Eaves intuitively understands. For virtually any business or company that operates online or has a presence with consumers in the virtual world, falling behind the times or failing to regularly engage with consumers can be problematic. There are blogs to be written, social media accounts that need attending to and websites that may need a desperate facelift.

This is where Eaves’ service-based business model thrives. No matter the size of a company or business, finding time to keep an online presence going or to even pin down the best way to follow a goal or vision can be nearly impossible.


Vertu Marketing LLC is far more than a mixture of products available for consumers to purchase. For many, it is an invaluable resource for success. From helpful articles concerning business practices to uplifting videos from the owner herself, Eaves has managed to make visiting Vertu Marketing’s website an experience in and of itself. Her vision and business model of service first has made it possible for other businesses, both small and large, to thrive in a sometimes unruly and competitive online arena.

Beating Fear with the Power of Choice

Beating Fear

No matter how successful you become, how long you’ve walked the road of life, how much you know – how little you know, how much you’ve been through or how naturally brave you happen to be — fear is a part of the human condition. But, believe it or not, you have more control over beating fear than  you think.

You see, fear is a choice – and that means beating fear is also a choice — and it’s not just a one time thing. When we decide it’s time to beat fear, we must consistently make the same choice over and over. Fear is a sneaky predator and if we’re not constantly on guard against it, it will creep back into our lives. Every day, I purpose in my heart that fear is NOT part of my spirit. It’s not who I am…I CHOOSE to avoid fear-motivated decisions, over and over and over. Making a fear motivated decision allows the FEAR to win, and since fear isn’t real, isn’t who we are, we’re really only defeating ourselves.

Fear is only powerful when we feed it. Beating fear is simply the repeated, intentional choice to NOT feed the “monster.”

Does that man fear won’t “happen” sometimes? No.

We all have fears — some are even considered “healthy.”  It’s okay to acknowledge our fears when we have them, but it’s more empowering to acknowledge them, and then CHOOSE to stop feeding them. Fearing something is like worrying over something, it’s doesn’t produce anything good.

Making choices based on fear, whether those choices are professional, personal, political (you name it) almost always results in irrational decisions and senseless regrets.

There are ways to prevent yourself from making fear-motivated decisions. There are ways to overcome the struggles we ALL face (me included).

What are you afraid of?