Are You Sabotaging Your Own Success?

In certain situations, there is great value in the process of carefully evaluating and considering certain choices. For instance, is it really worth it to shell out the money for a plane ticket, hotel room and travel expenses to attend the wedding of an acquaintance you only briefly knew in college? Most likely not; although, if the wedding is going to be held in a city or at a location that you have dreamed of visiting, there might be some pros and cons to weigh.

This same process is often applied to the world of startup businesses, but is it smart?

If you look at the success of certain serial entrepreneurs, not really. The online business world is in constant flux, so taking the time to overthink various options can put business owners behind the competition and, ultimately, out of the game.

So what kind of decision making skills separate the best entrepreneurs from the rest of the pack? The answer to this question is simple: it’s their ability to make decisions and then move forward with them. If they work, that is fantastic! If not, they learn from the mistakes, make other decisions and go forward with them.

Some startup founders are indecisive and, in the face of problems that require quick action, take too much time and overthink every option, which can result in failure.

So, what is the most important takeaway from entrepreneurs who understand the importance of quick decision making? Being nervous is okay, but refusing to take action is not.

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