AI Can’t Erase The Need For Human Writers


The rise of the use of artificial intelligence may mean that some people are going to lose their jobs. If an employer can use a robot to perform the same job without having to pay a salary, it seems that many will likely choose to do so. There are limitations to what artificial intelligence is capable of, and many of those relate to the creativity and adaptability of the human brain. While AI may be used to generate some written content, it’s highly unlikely to erase the need for human writers. 

AI can’t do it all

While it’s convenient and cheap to use artificial intelligence to perform many tasks, this type of technology is not ideal in every situation. Consider work that involves creativity, like writing, and how the human touch puts together words in a way that AI never could. While AI may be able to write any desired word count about any subject you can think of, the result may sound robotic and unnatural. People with experience in reading AI-generated content are already learning how to differentiate AI work from pieces written by humans. Spotting the differences is likely to be a valuable skill for those who prefer content written by human writers. 

Humans aren’t completely replaceable in the workforce

While artificial intelligence is being integrated into the workplace in many industries, it cannot completely replace the need for humans. Humans can reason and solve problems where a technological program cannot. In the writing world, humans create unique content based on their knowledge, skills, and life experience. When AI writes content, it’s based solely on programming and doesn’t offer the personal touch that a human writer has.

Understandably, writers and people in other professions are concerned about losing their jobs to artificial intelligence. While it’s happening already in some industries, it’s unlikely that artificial intelligence will completely erase human writers. For writers to stay relevant, the key will be to keep up with trends and to continue to improve their writing skills to show their value in creating content that is superior when compared to artificially generated content. 

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