A Little Disney Magic Can Go A Long Way

Millions of people, from the United States and abroad, visit Walt Disney World or Disneyland every year. For many people, this is a once-in-a-lifetime trip or one that will not be repeated for many years. But, for every “one-and-done” Disney vacationer, there is another who will come back year after year, braving the heat, crowds and humidity. Why would any person over the age of 12 choose to return to a Disney resort over the endless (and cheaper) alternative vacation options? The answer is simple… it’s the Disney experience.

The Disney experience is much more that just the “magic” of seeing childhood movies come to life. Much of the experience involves things that many people fail to notice: cleanliness, organization, well-trained staff and an impressive attention to detail that cannot be replicated anywhere else. These factors and more all combine to make an overall experience that often hooks people for life.

Disney’s marketing strategy and customer service approach provides the opportunity for business owners to glean many valuable lessons–and hook a few lifetime customers of their own. What does this mean for your business?

  • Every transaction should be an experience. No matter how small or complex a transaction may be, every client should walk away having had a positive experience. That does not mean that business owners should meet every unreasonable demand from a difficult customer, but customers should alway feel respected, valued and perhaps offered an alternative solution if possible.
  • Go the extra mile. Disney characters and workers often go out of their way to make an experience extra special. These little efforts offer a personal connection and go a long way toward establishing a long-term relationship with a customer and client.
  • Add a little magic to your marketing. If you have ever seen a commercial for Disney parks, you know that they are designed to evoke an emotional response and reiterate the unique nature of a Disney vacation. Your business may not have commercials, but you have a website, a Twitter or Facebook account–perhaps even a Pinterest page. All of these platforms should communicate to your customers that the service or product that you offer is unique, and your level of customer service is unparalleled.

Disney is, like your business, a company with a vested interest in profit. The major success of this huge company can be largely attributed to the fact that Disney does everything extraordinarily well. As a small business owner, you can too. By adding a little Disney “magic” to your business, you may be on your way to establishing long-term relationships with your customers and clients.

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