4 Ways a Social Media Expert Can Boost Your Business

A quick search on Google reveals that some people have made quite a reputation for themselves by disparaging millennials, but just how warranted is the ridicule? When it comes to business, ignoring such a large influential group of consumers is a serious misstep.


Seventy-five million consumers between the ages of 18 and 34 live in the United States alone, and this group accounts for nearly a quarter of consumers ages 12 to 72. Moreover, most of those 75 million millennials are engaged in social media in one way or another, and there is at least one stereotype that holds up — millennials know their way around the Internet.


Forming a real and trusted relationship with millennial consumers takes more than just throwing a Facebook page together. In order to really see business grow among this population, a social media expert can be an invaluable addition to a workplace. Here are four reasons for adding a social media expert to your own team:


  1. Social media experts are naturally Internet savvy. The vast majority of people employed in this field telecommute, which greatly increases the hiring pool.
  1. These experts do more than just post pictures or advertisements. They can steam head contests, follow the latest Internet trends and keep track of viral material.
  1. Dissatisfied consumers love to take their grievances to social media. Keeping an expert on board means that these complaints can be handled quickly and in as professional a manner as possible.
  1. Sure, most people use Facebook, but there is also Twitter, Tumblr, Google + and Instagram to consider. A social media expert will be intimately familiar with all of these sites and with the protocol for sharing and posting on them. 


Who knows what social media trends will emerge going forward, but an experienced and dedicated social media expert will be sure to be on top of them.

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