4 Hacks to Increase Productivity in Your Home Office

Working from home definitely has its benefits. Some people find it easier to work in an environment in which they are comfortable, while others like having a more flexible schedule. However, most business owners understand that telecommuting is not just all fun and games — working from home really means working.

Keeping productivity up in the initial days of working from a home office might have been easy enough, but far too many people might be familiar with the slump that can cause productivity to take a hit. Instead of accepting that things are just slowing down, try one of these hacks to get the work juices flowing again.

1.Take a walk – Exercise is good for more than physical health, it can also help boost mental stimulation. Instead of starting the workday off by plopping down in front of the computer, try taking a quick walk around the neighborhood. Is your morning not the best time to make exercise happen? Hit the gym during lunch or go for a swim in the afternoon.

2.Set up a second monitor – There is now a valid reason to spring for that extra computer monitor. Recent studies have shown that people who have at least two monitors while working experience a serious increase in productivity. And, admit it, two monitors also looks pretty cool.

3.Stop idolizing quiet environments – Believe it or not, there is such a thing as too much quiet. If productivity is suffering, try turning on some music at a low level or introduce a white noise machine into your office. There are even apps you can download to your smart phone that create specialized background sounds.

4.Track your activities – Was it only a minute on Facebook, or perhaps a bit longer? It can be easy to lose track of time spent on non-work-related activities, so spend a few days keeping a log of computer activities during work hours.

There is no reason to accept a slack in productivity as an inevitable aspect of work. Instead, shake things up, make some changes and hack your office into the most productive work vessel that it can be.

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