3 Steps to Communicating Your Business’s Purpose

The most dedicated and purpose-driven entrepreneurs tend to build the most successful and thriving online ventures out there, and the idea and presence of a purpose is innately understood by most anyone who is setting out to start a new business. But, what about your customers? The concept of a personal purpose in life is well-known and understood, but far fewer people outside of the business world realize the importance of a business purpose. Many aspects of a business and its operations function best when out of sight of the public, but purpose is one thing that should remain up front and center. Keep customers in the loop with these three tips:


  1. Start an “about us” page. Customers who feel more connected to a business’s purpose and background are more likely to commit their regular business to it. On the business website, create an “about us” page that includes why the business was started, what problems it is solving and how it is making a change.
  2. Get blogging and get out there. Regular, valuable content is an excellent way to communicate a business’s purpose. A blog is typically one of the most effective forms of content to use for this. Even if consumers are not regular readers or visitors to the website, a few shares on social media can bring in new visitors and help spread information about the business’s purpose.
  3. Make your purpose a part of sales. A significant number of consumers base purchases off of two things: the product and the way that purchasing the product makes them feel. Creating an emotional experience during the purchasing process not only has a positive effect on sales, but also helps keep your purpose at the forefront of customers’ minds.


Shifting some of the focus back to the business’s purpose can also help reconnect owners with why they went into business in the first place. Remaining connected with and focused on that purpose is one of the most effective ways to continue leading a company with conviction and strength.

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