3 Quick Steps to Increase Your Christmas Affiliate Sales

The do-it-yourself mindset has certainly been revitalized on the Internet, with dozens of blogs and websites offering quick and easy how-to instructions for everything from home projects to teacher gifts. Far from slowing down, DIY articles are still wildly popular and have an already-established target market of readers and followers. With Christmas fast approaching, DIY gift ideas are some of the most popular options.

So how does this translate into affiliate sales? All successful affiliate marketers must create a platform of value on which they can stand. Here’s how to combine the popularity of DIY articles and affiliate links in order to rapidly grow your profit:

1.  Provide useful DIY projects and tips for the respective time of year. No one is interested in making their own Halloween decorations in February, and Valentine’s Day crafts are pretty useless it’s in October. Keep your projects targeted to when they will be most useful.


2. Use affiliate products as part of the project. Giving an honest demonstration and review of a product is an excellent way to encourage readers to click on affiliate links, but actually giving readers a need for that product can be even better. Utilize your affiliate products in your projects, document that use with pictures or video, and make sure your readers understand the value that they contributed to the success of the projects.

3. Make the link easy to find. There is no need to be shy about your affiliate links. While blasting them in the banner or first sentence might not be the best idea, go ahead and insert your affiliate link in the list of necessary items to complete the project. Placing it in parenthesis after the item’s name makes it easy for readers to quickly grab the product they need to complete the DIY project.


More and more, people around the country and world are returning to the old tradition of creating hand-crafted gifts for their loved ones. With ingenuity and planning on your part, cashing in on this opportunity with a valuable product of your own can be a cinch.

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