3 Places to Work Outside Your Home Office (That Aren’t the Coffee Shop)

young woman at computer looking into camera

Faster Internet, more powerful computers and a change in attitude have all contributed to the shift toward working at home. Whether you work for yourself or for a telecommuter-friendly company, working from your own home often provides a number of advantages, including improved productivity and a drastically reduced commute.

However, going stir crazy is a real risk that all telecommuters face. While a home office is no doubt a vital necessity, this doesn’t mean workers can’t pack up their laptop or tablet, slide on their flip flops and hit the pavement in search of a temporary workspace. Here are three alternatives when working from home means you need to get out:

1.The Park – Most larger cities now understand the importance of nature and getting outside, and most people, regardless of where they live, are now within either walking or driving distance of a public park. With walking paths, benches and picnic tables, a brisk walk and picnic lunch can help rejuvenate work spirits. Bring along plenty of water and set up office at a picnic table. (Optional, pack some sliced grapes or leftover vegetable peels for the ducks.)


2.The Library – With access to Wi-Fi, public computers and air condition, community libraries offer the quiet distraction-free environment that some people rely on for work. Remember to take a break every now and then and peruse the stacks for a book to check out before you leave.



3.Outside – Okay, so this one could possibly done on the patio of a coffee shop. Even if there’s no park nearby, or if the squirrels at the local picnic area are a little too aggressive, switch directions and find a patio at your favorite café or restaurant. Order lunch, have a coffee and then get to work. The bonus to this option is that most restaurants have Wi-Fi available.

Even with morning routines like jogging or enjoying a cup of coffee before sitting down to work, working from home can be an isolating experience. Before the stir craziness begins to impact your ability to run your business, take the opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and work somewhere new.

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