3 Hacks to Get Business and Purpose on the Same Path

Embarking into the world of online business is a great way to fulfill and truly live through a specific purpose. Owners heading up a purpose-driven business benefit from more than just profits they benefit from fulfilling and living their true purpose on a daily basis. However, the world of business can be an admittedly tricky place to navigate. Any given proposal, consideration or business deal needs to be viewed in the context of the business’s purpose, or a person can drift away from why he or she went into business in the first place.

When business and purpose are no longer aligned, it is time to take action. Follow these steps to start steering your business back toward the right path:

  1. Analyze business goals. What targets are on the horizon? New products, increased customer base, expanded business connections? Whatever they are, if they do not fall in line with your purpose, go back to the drawing board.
  2. Consider the impact your business has made. Did the business start off with a positive impact that has lessened recently? If so, focus some of those business goals on making sure that your business has the best impact it can on customers and the community.
  3. Develop a plan. It may make a great soundbite to simply say, “We’re going to get back on track,” however, not much can be accomplished without a plan of action. In what ways does your business no longer align with its purpose? How can this be addressed? How long will it take and what should be done in the meantime? Words without a plan of action rarely succeed, so make sure you know where you and your business are heading.

Re-molding a business can take time, but drifting away from a purpose usually is not an instantaneous act. While it can be discouraging when results roll in slower than expected, do not give up. For the best entrepreneurs, keeping business and purpose aligned is an essential aspect of success.


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