3 Easy Networking Steps to Affiliate Marketing Success


Does the word “networking” conjure images of crowded convention halls where men and women in tailored suits swap business cards? Networking has taken on a somewhat unfortunate meaning and leaves some people worried about how to foot the bill for a five-star restaurant in order to snag a single measly connection.

Fear not, affiliate marketers, because the reality of networking is far different than what movies and TV shows like to depict. And yes, even as a single-person operation, you need to be networking. Here are some quick networking tips to build your affiliate network:

Start commenting.
Virtually all affiliate marketers operate on a blog of some type or another, but no blog can stand on its own. The blogging community is indeed a community, so get to know your neighbors by visiting their pages, reading their blogs and leaving friendly, personal comments. They don’t have to be long or detailed, but avoid the copy and paste route.

Build a presence.
Did you read a blog and post that you really enjoyed it? Go ahead, mention it on your own blog and then link back to the original. Establishing yourself as a dedicated and active member of the community will increase awareness and build your presence among other affiliate marketers.

Make a personal connection.
Those affiliate marketers that you really admire for their success and strength in the business are not your idols. They are now your colleagues. Shoot them a brief email introducing yourself and letting them know that you enjoy reading their blogs and following their posts. Affiliate marketers can swap behind-the-scenes tips and tricks that can help everyone thrive.

Working from home or the coffee shop down the street can be an isolating experience, so don’t let unnecessary networking worries keep you from progressing. Get out there (virtually) and build your affiliate marketing network as a stairwell to success.

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