3 Common Problems Behind Plateaued Affiliate Profits 

Plateaus, peaks and stalled growth are frustrating no matter what business a person is in, but affiliate marketers have a distinct advantage when hitting these roadblocks — they can plan and implement change in a much quicker fashion than other types of online businesses.

But wait! Before making any changes, first identify the reasons behind the slowed or stalled growth. Here are common problems behind affiliate sales plateaus:


Doing the same thing again and again. You might like spaghetti and meatballs. In fact, it might be your favorite dish in the whole world. Now, think about having spaghetti and meatballs for dinner every single night for the rest of your life. The first week or so might be an exciting indulgence, but keep at it and your favorite dish will soon become boring, unexciting and perhaps even hated.

Not engaging with readers. While you definitely do not need to reply to every last comment on your webpage or social media — this would obviously be overkill — make a real connection with at least a handful of people. Worried about the time commitment? Carve out time a couple of times a week or even just a few minutes a day to let your readers know that they are a valuable aspect of your affiliate business.

Failing to disclose affiliate links. Most affiliate programs require that their marketers disclose when they are using an affiliate link. Still, there tends to be a lot of fear associated with letting readers know that the provided link is an affiliate one. Many fear that the knowledge will turn readers off and send them elsewhere, when generally the opposite is true. Consumers want transparency from businesses and those they trust.


Have you identified the problem with your stagnant affiliate business yet? Once the reason is pegged down, draft a careful plan to address the issues and begin to make changes to which readers will notice and respond.

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