3 Benefits to Using Fear to Find Your Purpose

Fear might have once served as an evolutionary advantage, but, in modern times, when the most danger that some people encounter is climbing behind the wheel of a car, avoiding fearful situations is not always beneficial. Letting fear guide you can even prove to be harmful, especially for those who are still searching for their purpose.


Living a purposeless life can be difficult and scary enough as it is. This can lead people to avoid any and all situations that might evoke a sense of fear in them; however, this is usually the opposite of a productive approach. Here are a number of reasons to face your fears:



  • Fear can be confused with excitement. It isn’t called a gut reaction for nothing. Both of these emotions can be intimately and almost immediately felt in the gut. Butterflies in the tummy and churning stomachs could mean fear, or it could be an indicator of better times to come.
  • Fear can lead you to unknown territory. Have you still not found your purpose? You simply may not have come across a situation that compelled your purpose to action yet. Fear can arise when facing new or uncharted waters, but don’t let that stop you. Push forward and find out what you have been missing.
  • Fear can be a good reminder to pause. If your fear is too great to charge in with guns blazing, take a moment to sit back in quiet reflection. Consider why you felt scared in the first place and what that could mean.


Still scared? That is okay, but make sure that it guides your purpose in life rather than hinders it.

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