Freelance Writers Can Find More Work Using Online Platforms


Finding work as a freelance writer can be tough when there are so many others to compete with. But technology makes it easier to search for work and to make yourself visible to potential clients. Online platforms can help you search for work based on your talents and knowledge. Knowing how to find legitimate freelance writing jobs through online platforms can help you expand your skills and gain more experience, both of which can help you continue to find more work.

Finding legitimate freelance writing jobs

You can probably do a quick search through any online search engine and find many listings of people or companies looking for freelance writers. The issue is finding clients that are willing to pay what you’re worth and are offering legitimate work opportunities. Many writers use a platform that brings writers and clients together in one place. The platforms allow you to connect with clients and choose work that meets your needs. Clients can filter through writers based on experience and other factors to help them choose the writers they believe will be best at writing their desired content. Use trustworthy platforms that have good ratings from previous writers so you know you will get paid appropriately for your work. 

Know how to stand out

If you choose to search for work through online platforms, you need to know how to make yourself stand out from other writers. Know what your time is worth and be prepared to negotiate your pay. Some writers may choose to offer incentives to encourage clients to choose them. You may offer free revisions, quick turnaround times, and low rates to clients who wish to work with you long-term. If you don’t have a lot of experience, be prepared to work for less money just to gain some work experience and improve your portfolio for future job opportunities.

Most freelance writers find clients exclusively through online platforms. Searching and filtering based on your talents and availability make it easy to find clients. The main issue can be finding clients who are willing to pay you enough to make it worth your time. When creating a profile to showcase your talents, be sure to find ways to make yourself stand out when compared to others. Show potential clients why they should want to work with you and why you’re the right person to create the content they want.