Be Prepared For Last-Minute Holiday Get-Togethers


The weeks leading up to the holidays can be very busy. Work events, school functions and family get-togethers are often planned in advance, giving you plenty of time to prepare for the event. But sometimes, things come up at the last minute. This may include an invite to an unexpected holiday party or friends or family dropping by without much notice. By keeping a few key items on hand and being prepared with some easy ideas for hosting on short notice, you can enjoy last-minute holiday plans without the stress.

Be a good last-minute host

Plans can change a lot during the holidays due to weather and other unforeseen circumstances. With unexpected changes to travel plans or other cancelations, you may find yourself hosting an event without much time to prepare. Food and drink are the most important addition to any holiday event. Keep a selection of coffee, hot chocolate, soda, juices, and your favorite adult drinks on hand. For food, urban areas give you plenty of delivery options and most supermarkets offer party trays that you can order less than a day in advance. Holidays are also a great time for a potluck, so the host doesn’t have to do all the cooking.

Be a gracious guest

If you’re invited to a party with little notice, first ask the host what you can bring or do to help. If you’re spending time with close friends or family, you can offer to help set up before or clean up after the party. Some hosts don’t like to ask others to help, even if they could use the assistance, so bringing an extra dessert, drink or party favor is almost always appreciated. When you’re staying overnight as a guest at someone’s home, offer to make breakfast, pick up groceries or order food for delivery to take some of the pressure off your host.

The holidays are often filled with events, which sometimes creates conflicting schedules. Weather and other unexpected events can cause cancelations and changes. Last-minute get-togethers, whether you’re a host or a guest, come up frequently during the busy holiday season. These last-minute plans can be fun, festive and stress-free if you’re prepared with easy ways to host and ideas to help out when you’re a guest.

Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas


Even the most organized person can forget a gift during the holiday rush. Sometimes, there are last-minute plans that may require you to buy an unexpected gift with very little time to shop. Last-minute gifts can still be thoughtful. While gift cards can be a great last-minute option because they are easy to buy, they are not the only last-minute gift from you which you have to choose. If you’re in a rush to buy someone a gift with little time to spare, the following ideas may prove helpful in your search.

Shop online

You may not think of shopping online when looking for a last-minute gift, but virtual gifts are sent almost instantly so you don’t have to wait for the gift to be shipped to your door. You can buy virtual gifts related to music, gaming or streaming. Most retailers also offer virtual gift cards that you can send directly to your friends or family. Subscription boxes can also be bought at the last minute. You can buy a subscription for everything from beauty products to gourmet foods, and there are subscription boxes for people of all ages.

Food gifts

Consumable gifts are often best purchased at the last minute to guarantee freshness. Most high-end grocery stores offer fruit baskets, charcuterie boards and other tasty treats that make excellent hostess gifts. These also tend to work well when you’re buying a gift for someone you don’t know well. If you’re heading to a party, a bottle of mid-priced wine or a gourmet dessert from a bakery is always a good choice. If you live in an urban area, many stores now offer same-day delivery for most food gifts, which can be very convenient when you realize you forgot someone.

It can be a lot of fun to shop for the perfect gift and to see your friend or family member’s face when they open it. However, holiday time can be hectic, and it’s not uncommon to forget someone when you’re doing your holiday shopping. Last-minute gifts don’t have to be generic or thoughtless, as there are a lot of sources where you can find a nice last-minute gift for anyone on your list.

Gift Ideas For The Outdoor Enthusiast


Being outdoors brings joy to many. Whether it’s hiking, camping or doing other outdoor activities, outdoorsy people are everywhere. If you have an outdoor lover on your holiday shopping list and you’re not well-versed in outdoor gear and equipment, you may not be sure what is available and what type of gift your loved one will appreciate. Think about how they enjoy spending their time and consider the following items while you’re doing your holiday shopping this year.

Safety gear

For those who hike and camp in remote areas, staying safe is very important. Access to clean water is essential when you’re outdoors, so a water bottle with a built-in filter can make a great gift. A tracking device is helpful when traveling where cell service may not be available. A portable battery pack, preferably a solar one, can prevent worries over a dead phone battery. One piece of equipment that a lot of people don’t think about is a dry bag. If your outdoorsy friends or family members don’t have one yet, they’re sure to appreciate it as a gift, and they will likely use it many times to keep their gear safe and dry while enjoying the outdoors.

Fun outdoor gadgets

Your outdoor-loving friend or family member likely already has most of the basics. People can be picky about their tents, hiking boots and other important gear. However, they may not have all the fun gadgets that can make being outdoors more enjoyable. Portable hammocks and inflatable kayaks are a lot of fun and are lightweight, so they can be packed away easily. A good headlamp and a well-made multi-use tool are incredibly useful and can be lifesavers when camping or hiking.

Lovers of the outdoors generally enjoy their gear and equipment. While experienced outdoors adventurers likely have the basics already, there are still plenty of innovative and practical gifts to choose from when shopping this holiday season. Think about gifts that help them stay safe and better enjoy their time outdoors, and you’re sure to find a winning gift that they will love.