Regular Exercise Can Keep Your Muscles Young


Muscles can age with time, much like the rest of the body. As muscles age, you may feel more pain after exercising or just doing regular daily activities. Some people start to feel the effects of aging muscles as early as their 30s while others may not feel the effects for long after that. While it’s inevitable that the body will undergo changes as you get older, there are some steps you can take to help keep your muscles feeling young. This can help you stay active over time and may reduce the chances of developing other age-related health concerns.

Exercise regularly

Regular exercise has many benefits both mentally and physically. When you work your muscles regularly, they stay strong and it’s easier for you to maintain a healthy muscle mass. Metabolism generally slows over time, but regular workouts can also reduce that, which can make it easier to maintain a healthy weight. Working out several times per week is ideal, and those workouts can include everything from swimming to weight training.

Work out the right way

Lifting heavy weights can be very beneficial for building and maintaining healthy muscles if you don’t overdo it. Choose weights that are challenging and that require compound movements. It’s also important to rotate through various types of exercise in your routine. Your muscles will get used to specific movements, making those exercises less effective. Regularly including high-intensity interval training, known as HIIT, not only helps to keep your muscles fit, it can also promote better heart health.

Working out can get more challenging as you age, so it’s important to keep a regular exercise routine to help your muscles stay young. Changing up your workouts, incorporating challenging weight training and adding high-intensity exercise can provide physical and mental stimulation that can improve your overall health as you age.