Play Games To Keep Your Brain Healthy


There are many factors that contribute to overall health. You may eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly to keep your body in shape, but do you ever think about brain health? Alzheimer’s and conditions that cause mental decline are quite common as people age. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to keep your brain healthy and one of these includes regularly playing games that provide mental stimulation.

What are brain games?

There are many types of games that can be used to help keep your brain healthy. Brain games can involve math problems, puzzles, riddles and other tasks that make you think. You can find these types of games in books or online. There are even apps that you can download on your phone so you can play when you have some spare time during the day.

The benefits

The brain works like many other parts of the body. Keeping it active can help it stay healthy. By regularly stimulating your brain through doing challenging games and puzzles, you can increase your ability to remember things. Training your brain using games can also help you focus when you’re doing other things, like working or reading. Keeping your brain healthy can also reduce brain fog, and it may have long-term benefits.

Play games you enjoy

If a game feels like a chore, you’re much less likely to do it. Find challenging games that you enjoy. Word games are great for those who enjoy reading. Math problems, especially multi-step problems that require intensive problem-solving skills, work well for those who enjoy numbers. If you enjoy true crime, check out puzzle books that allow you to solve fictional cases using clues. Sudoku, crossword puzzles and jigsaw puzzles can all be beneficial, and the more challenging the better.

Games can be both fun and beneficial for your brain. Choose games that are challenging but enjoyable. Keeping your brain healthy by regularly playing brain games may prevent debilitating conditions like dementia. Plus, playing a challenging game is a fun way to occupy your mind for a few minutes each day.

Get Rid Of Malware On Your Phone


You may use your phone every day without realizing that you have malware. There are many ways to end up with malware on your phone, and it can cause all kinds of issues. It can slow your phone down and cause other apps on your phone not to work correctly. Some types of malware even gather your personal information, which can lead to serious issues if someone uses that information to hack into your accounts. But there are ways to remove malware and some ways to prevent yourself from downloading bad apps in the future.

Thoroughly search your phone

Malware apps may look like normal apps when you download them. They sometimes even change the name and icon on your phone once downloaded, which can make them harder to find. Go through all the apps on your phone to find ones that you don’t use or ones that you don’t remember downloading. Remove those apps fully by uninstalling, not just removing the icon from your screen. Most phones allow you to pull up a function that shows all installed apps. If you can’t do this, be sure to go through all files and folders on your phone to find any apps that don’t belong.

What to look for

Malware is often disguised as something innocuous like a game, a wallpaper app, a GPS assistant or even something that seems useful like a photo editor or keyboard. When downloading apps, check reviews first. If an app has a lot of downloads but few reviews, that’s a red flag. You should also be sure to read the terms of the download and be aware of the permissions the app asks for. Some may request access to your photos, texts and other personal information stored on your phone. Consider the purpose of the app and whether the requested permissions make sense. If not, it may be malware.

Malicious apps can be disguised by innocent descriptions and graphics. It’s important to be cautious when downloading apps to your phone. Thoroughly read the description and reviews before you download, check your phone regularly for malware, and remove any suspicious apps. While most malware exists simply to spam you with lots of ads, other types may access personal information on your phone. It’s best to download from trusted sources and regularly check your phone to remove any potentially malicious apps.

Late Summer May Be The Best Time To Restock Your Office Supplies

office supplies

During back-to-school season, many commonly used office supplies are considerably cheaper than other times of the year. You may think that only school supplies like crayons and glue are on sale, but if you look at the sales, you can find some great deals on other supplies that most people need for their home office or for professional settings.

Where to look

Back-to-school season is a huge deal to big box retailers. They want people in the stores to buy as much as possible, which is why they often have great sales on basic office supplies. Look for copy paper, pens, notebooks and sticky notes. Think of the things you reach for every day while working and you can probably find a great deal on those items in late summer and early fall. Sometimes, big box stores offer better deals than buying these items in bulk. Office supply stores also have great sales during this time of year, and they may be a better option if you need to buy a lot of any one item.

Loss leaders can save a lot of money

A loss leader is an item priced at or below what the retailer paid for it. They price these items cheaply and advertise them to get you in the door. But be aware that not all sale items are loss leaders so it’s usually best to shop around at different retailers if you’re able, especially if you’re on a tight budget.

Shop for big-ticket items

Office furniture, electronics and other big-ticket office must-haves may be significantly discounted in the last weeks of summer and into early fall. Storage containers of all sizes can also be found cheaply during back-to-school sales. Check the ads of your local office supply stores to see if they offer any specials. If you can wait until later in the fall, many of these large items will be further discounted in an attempt to clear space for next season’s merchandise.

Office supplies can be expensive, but they are essential for people who work at home and for businesses of all types. During back-to-school sales, you can find many office supplies, and they are likely significantly cheaper than other times of the year. Restock your office during these times to prevent overpaying or running out of the essentials you need.

Choosing The Best Office Chair

office chair

If your work requires you to sit at a desk for long hours each day, you probably already know how important a good chair is. Without a supportive and comfortable office chair, you may end with a sore back at the end of your workday. Plus, when you’re not comfortable, it can make it hard to concentrate and stay productive. If you’re thinking of purchasing a new office chair, the following tips may help you find one that fits your needs.

Adjustability is important

Many higher-end office chairs are adjustable in several different ways. Being able to adjust the height of the chair is important, especially for anyone who is taller or shorter than average. Some chairs also have adjustable armrests and backrests, allowing you to completely customize the chair for support and comfort.

Support is key

A good office chair should have a comfortable seat and backrest. Some chairs even have memory foam which can be a good supportive material to prevent pain. Armrests may also be padded. Consider whether you want or need armrests on your chair. Some people prefer chairs with no armrests which tend to be smaller, lighter and easier to move around.

Stay cool

If you tend to overheat easily or work in an environment that can get hot during the day, consider buying a chair with a mesh back. This allows for airflow and can help keep you cool. Some types of foam and padding can trap heat and make you uncomfortable.

Other things to consider

If you need to move around a lot, be sure to choose a chair that has smooth rolling casters. Fabric chairs can get dirty easily and they may wear out faster than other materials. Leather is ideal for many, but it can be pricey and may not hold up as well as some synthetic materials. Reclining is another feature that many people look for, and not all chairs are designed to recline comfortably.

Many people don’t give much thought to their office chair; however, a good chair can make the workday easier. Office chairs can be quite an investment, but a good one is worth the money if it keeps you comfortable and allows you to work efficiently all day. Read consumer reviews and consider what features are most important to you when shopping for your next office chair.

How Bad Is Your Coffee Habit?


Many people start their day with a cup of coffee. It’s not uncommon to have several cups per day, especially for those who particularly enjoy coffee. But there are conflicting opinions on drinking coffee regularly. Some believe it to be healthy while others are concerned about the short or long-term health issues associated with drinking one or more cups of coffee every day. There seems to be no definitive answer to the benefits or drawbacks of daily coffee consumption. This may mean that your coffee habit is just fine, especially if it helps you start your day in a positive way.

The type of coffee matters

There are so many different types of coffee, and the type you’re drinking matters if you’re concerned about health. Coffee contains caffeine that can help you feel refreshed and awake. Plus, it has antioxidants that may offer some health benefits. But if you’re adding a lot of sugar and other additives to your morning cup of Joe, you may be contributing to weight gain, blood sugar spikes and other health concerns. Not everyone enjoys plain black coffee, so if you enjoy adding flavors and sweeteners, be aware of the ingredients and try to choose the ones that align with your nutritional goals.

Moderation is important

Drinking a lot of coffee can make you feel jittery and decrease your ability to focus. It’s important to know how much caffeine your body can handle before it starts to react negatively. Some people can drink coffee all day without feeling the effects while others may only tolerate one cup. Studies have shown that drinking coffee in moderation can help some people reduce their risk of certain heart diseases, liver conditions and diabetes. It can also promote mental well-being. To get the most from your daily coffee habit, moderate your intake.

That first cup of coffee in the morning can help you start your day on the right foot. Whether you make your coffee at home or visit a coffee shop, it’s important to be aware of your coffee consumption if you feel like it’s impacting your body in a negative way. Drinking coffee in moderation may have health benefits and it can be something to look forward to when you get out of bed in the morning.