Protecting Your Mental Health As An Entrepreneur

mental health

Owning and operating a business is hard work. It can be overwhelming and mentally challenging, especially when you have a staff and clients who depend on you. Sometimes, the stress and obligations can catch up with you, and many entrepreneurs can experience issues that include depression, mood disorders and exhaustion. There are certain strategies that you can put into place that will help you address the stress and the pressures of being a business owner, allowing you to protect your mental health and help you stay well and productive.

One way that you can protect your own mental well-being during periods of significant business-related stress is to take time for things that make you happy and bring you peace. If you love to read, make time to read and clear your head. Even if it feels impossible to add anything else to your schedule at this time, taking small breaks to enjoy things completely unrelated to your work is freeing. As much as you are able to do so, maintain your hobbies and do things that you enjoy — this is significantly beneficial for your mental health.

Another thing you can do to be intentional about your mental and emotional health is to make the effort to turn your brain off. Overthinking and overanalyzing can be major a stressor for you, especially if you do not make it a point to take a break. Get into the habit of taking “brain breaks” — read, take a walk, listen to a podcast, see a movie, take a nap — find out what works for you and make it happen on a regular basis.

Mental health is critically important, especially for entrepreneurs, and you may need to be intentional about protecting yourself and your well-being. When you learn how to protect your mental health, things like stress, difficulties and other obstacles will seem less overwhelming.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

Fight Back When Your Business Is Under Attack


Life as an entrepreneur is not all sunshine and roses. There are times when simply keeping your head above water can feel impossible, and you may not be sure how you will keep going another month. It is especially difficult when you feel like you are being attacked. Businesses come under fire for various reasons, including everything from an unhappy customer to a negative review in a public forum. No matter the reason or source of the negative attention coming your way, it’s important to know how to fight back and how to protect your interests when under attack.

One way to deal with attacks is to know they are coming. These difficult times are the unfortunate reality of doing business — it will happen, and being prepared can help you react appropriately when it does. It is important to prepare your team for this likelihood. Train your team well, and give them the tools to handle things calmly and effectively when a customer is ranting or there are serious efforts to undermine your company’s reputation. It is also smart to prepare yourself.

Prepare yourself to reject the temptation to play the victim. The attack you are facing may not be personal, even though it may feel that way. It’s simply a part of doing business, and you can spare yourself a lot of stress and emotional struggling if you can learn how to play offense. This does not mean you should behave the same way as the other party, but there are ways you can proactively protect your company. Respond calmly and professionally, but be honest. Take to social media to respond to questions. Refuse to give in to unreasonable and financially irresponsible demands.

It’s important to evaluate and decide what “fighting back” would look like in the context of your business operations and long-term goals. Build your attack plan based on what you believe would be the most appropriate yet effective response to any type of negativity coming your way. Prepare well for various types of attack, and your business will be able to handle these difficult situations when they arise.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

Protecting Your Career And Reputation Against Attack


There may come times when you find yourself at odds with others you work with, or you may find there is a person who is intentionally trying to undermine your position and potentially harm your career. While antagonistic behaviors are unprofessional and unacceptable, you would be wise to learn how to protect yourself in the event that someone is attempting to cause harm to your career or your reputation.

Handling attacks, snide remarks and negative actions of others is something that everyone should know how to do, regardless of their career or business. While you cannot control what other people say or do, you can control how you react. In fact, your response to attacks on your career or reputation could actually garner the respect and admiration of others. It is important to never react emotionally or in an equally harmful manner, but instead, respond professionally and calmly. It may not always be necessary to verbally respond, so learning how to take the high road can actually be a smart step for your career path or small business.

Another way to deal with the negative actions of others is to simply keep proving that person wrong. Work hard, be honest, treat people well and refuse to stoop to low levels, and people will find it hard to believe when someone says something negative about you. It’s impossible to make everyone happy all the time, but it is possible to learn how to react with class and dignity when someone attacks you. Your reputation is a huge asset, and protecting it may mean responding to crisis in a smart and non-reactionary manner.

At some point, you will likely face a situation in which you find a colleague, employer, customer or other person acts in a way that seems like he or she is intentionally trying to harm your reputation, your business or your career path. You are certainly entitled to defend yourself, but it is prudent to be thoughtful and practical in your response. Don’t sacrifice the high ground simply because someone is angry, irrational or unprofessional.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC