Are Inefficient Operations Damaging Your Business?

inefficient operations

Two of the defining characteristics of many successful businesses are efficiency and organization. Companies with streamlined and highly organized operations tend to serve customers well and avoid certain types of costly disruptions. As a business owner, it is sometimes necessary to evaluate your company as a whole and identify areas where inefficient operations could be damaging your bottom line. Sometimes, implementing a few simple practices can help you be more efficient across multiple areas of your company.

One of the most obvious ways that inefficient operations can negatively impact your company is in moments when a crisis or unexpected situation arises. You should never wait for a crisis to happen before you start planning for one — plan ahead for contingencies and you will save yourself and your company stress, time and money. Whether it is a financial emergency, personnel crisis or simply having a plan in case you need time away for illness, family needs or other reason, failing to have backup plans in place can cause a significant disruption in operations. Customers and clients can always tell when a company is in disarray, and it can ultimately hurt your revenue.

Another way you can rid your company of inefficient operations is to stop attempting to do everything yourself. Every small business owner feels the temptation to simply do things themselves, and you may think this is the best way to make sure things get done and get done the right way. However, it can actually increase efficiency and allow members of your team to thrive by delegating responsibilities, investing in their leadership and trusting their skills.

Finally, one source of inefficient operations that could be impacting your company are time-wasters — meetings that are too long, cumbersome paperwork procedures and other ways you may actually be costing yourself and your employees valuable time. In order for customers and clients to see an organized and efficient business, it has to be organized and efficient behind the scenes.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

Timesavers To Help You Get More Out Of Your Day


As an entrepreneur, one of the most valuable assets you have is your time. It is something you can never get more of no matter how successful you are, and using it wisely is critical. You understand the importance of time management, and one step toward this is to eliminate things that waste your time and implement timesavers as much as possible. Taking shortcuts is not always good, but you can still strive for excellence and do good work by being smart with your time.

One of the most important timesavers is to eliminate improvisation in your daily life. Make plans, keep a schedule and try to be organized. Disorganization and flying by the seat of your pants can waste a significant amount of time and effort. You can reclaim a large portion of your time simply by making the effort to plan well. Even scheduling things such as an hour to check email can go a long way to saving more time.

As you work on ways to implement timesavers in your day, think of other things that could be wasting your time in ways that you may not even realize. Unnecessary meetings are a huge waste of time, especially when you can communicate important information in other effective formats. Additionally, it can be extremely useful and effective to delegate certain tasks when possible. With intention and an honest evaluation of how you currently use your time, you can find ways to make a better use of the hours in your day.

Ask yourself about ways you could be losing time, even in ways you may not initially realize. Evaluate your current situation, and find ways to use timesavers to your benefit. You cannot add more hours to your day, but you can do things to make a better use of the time you do have.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC