Charity Work: Good For Others, Good For Your Business

Charity Work

You are likely aware that some of the largest groups of consumers, particularly younger demographics, are generations highly motivated by social consciousness. More and more consumers decide where to spend their money based on which companies give back and work for the betterment of a charitable cause. In response, more companies are making the effort to actively engage with their surrounding communities through charity work, donations and awareness campaigns. Doing good is a great thing to do, and it can also be very good for business.

While many major corporations have poured significant money and marketing efforts into letting consumers know about their charitable efforts, you do not have to do the same. It does not take millions of dollars to start doing charitable work as a business. Many companies find that when they make a group effort for charity work, it can boost employee morale. Whether you are a small company or large corporation, giving back feels good, and working together for a common goal can be a great team-building exercise.

Being a philanthropic company does not mean you have to set your goal of success to the side. In fact, some of the most charitable companies in the world, such as Apple and Starbucks, give back to communities regularly while still treating employees well and making a huge profit. If you want your business to start doing charity work in some capacity, you have to find a way to do this in a manner that works with the size of your company, your financial abilities and other factors.

One of the biggest reasons your business should be involved with charity work in some capacity is that it is simply a good thing to do. Outside of the many benefits it can provide for your business, working for the good of your community is a simple way to serve others. If your business has never done charity work as an organization before, it may be a good time to start thinking of ways that you can work together for a good cause.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

Preparation Is Key For Your Continued Success


When success comes, most people experience the temptation to put on the brakes and coast for a bit. It’s fine to enjoy success for what it is and appreciate the comforts that business success affords, but it’s critical not to camp out in this phase forever. Not only are successful people always looking ahead to what is next, they are also planning for contingencies. Life is unpredictable, and preparation for unexpected setbacks is prudent, regardless of how unlikely they seem at the moment.

Entrepreneurs not only have to be prepared for their daily responsibilities, meetings and other obligations, they also have to be prepared for hard times. Difficult phases are an inevitable part of doing business, and when you are prepared for them, you can weather the storm with confidence. This can include an unexpected location change, employee turnover, low profit quarters and more. Thinking ahead to scenarios that may not even happen can seem completely unnecessary, but it is something that every smart entrepreneur does.

Most people wait until disaster strikes to start preparing for one. This is faulty and potentially destructive reasoning. Consider how you can prepare for all types of contingencies, save money, have plans in place and purchase the tools that you may need to ride out the bad times. When you are enjoying success, that is the time to think about what could happen in an emergency situation or setback.

Preparation can save you time, money and a significant amount of stress. In fact, it can give you both the peace of mind and confidence you need to feel secure about the future of your business. If you are successful now, start working on ways you can ensure that you have continued success far down the road. Have a plan, think ahead and always be prepared.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

Make Your First Impression Count

first impression

First impressions are incredibly important, often setting the tone for the relationship. In the business world, making a strong first impression is important for your success, allowing to you make connections and network effectively. It’s smart to have a game plan when meeting new business contacts, and it’s just as smart to work on how to approach people, introduce yourself and initiate conversations. The first moments of a conversation matter, from a firm handshake to initial greetings, and you should know how to make them count.

One of the hallmarks of making a good first impression is your appearance. You do not have to possess movie star good looks to make a positive first impression, but you should be intentional and prepared. Your attire does not matter as much as your demeanor — look confident, kind and personable. Another way you can ensure you start your business conversations in the right way is to pay attention to your posture. When sitting, sit up straight, look people in the eyes and keep focused on what the other person is saying.

The impression you give people when you meet them for the first time can color their viewpoint on you, what you say, what you are selling and your business. People need to know you care and are connecting with what they are saying. Make it clear, even in the first moments of the conversation, that you are paying attention and genuinely care.

One of the most important ways you can give people the right impression about you and your business right away is to demonstrate trustworthiness. Your attitude and entire demeanor can demonstrate that you are genuine, honest and concerned about the needs of the other party. Don’t approach conversations with the viewpoint of making a sale, but instead, approach these conversations as an opportunity to make new connections and help others. This perspective of “others first” will be apparent to the other person, and it is often one of the strongest and most effective ways to make a good first impression.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC