Dealing With Conflict In The Workplace


Everyone has opinions, and sometimes, the differences in these opinions can lead to disputes and disagreements in the workplace. When two people who work together do not get along, it can be awkward and difficult to move forward, ultimately posing the potential for a disruption in operations. Even a minor conflict in the workplace can be stressful and complicated, but there are ways to rise above the fray and establish peace.

One of most effective and important ways to deal with stress in the workplace is to refuse to allow it to make you lose your temper. Step out, step away — do whatever you have to do to avoid saying something that you will regret. Once spoken, words cannot be taken back. It’s hard to keep words inside sometimes, but after a time to clear your head, you can likely find a way to express your feelings and concerns while still being professional.

Two co-workers at odds can find common ground through conversations and making the effort to communicate clearly. Two people do not have to agree to co-exist in the same space peacefully. It’s often helpful to talk things through after both sides have had time to calm down, and you may even find that you actually have a lot more in common than you originally assumed. If it’s clear that you were in the wrong, never be too prideful to make amends. Apologies and owning your mistakes is not easy, but it is an opportunity to grow and improve.

Dealing with conflict intentionally and gracefully can allow both parties to move on and move forward. Whether it was a one-time incident or an ongoing clash of personalities, it is beneficial to know how to deal with workplace conflict, fights and tensions in a way that is both appropriate are professional.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

Fear: Is It A Motivation Or A Roadblock?


Fear is a part of life. Whether it’s because you are experiencing unexpected changes or facing unknown possibilities, it has the ability to cement your feet in place when you should really be moving forward. It’s perfectly normal to experience the feeling of fear, but the amount of control it has over your actions and mindset is up to you. In fact, how you deal with it could play a significant role in your success.

Humans are drawn to the idea of comfort. We naturally want to feel safe in our current circumstances, and we crave a sense of security. Unfortunately, life and business doesn’t always work like that. There will be times when you can not control what happens or you have to step into the unknown, and this requires dealing with fear in a healthy way. Maintaining the status quo may seem like a good idea, but your fear of taking the next step could be blinding you to the possibilities just ahead.

When you allow fear to determine your actions, it becomes a roadblock. It has the power to hold you in place and prevent you from making progress. In the moments you feel tempted to allow it to hold you back, you have the choice to channel it positively and let it propel you forward. Fear often precedes progress and growth — in fact, a period of progress can follow a period of doubt and insecurity — as long as you persevere through the uncertainty. Next time you feel fearful about what’s going to happen or the unknown, let it motivate you to take the next step, to grow or to try something new. Channeled the right way, fear can be a great tool.

You get to decide how fear will impact your life and career. Will you let it be a roadblock or will you harness it and let it push you forward?

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC