Is Your Mentality Sabotaging Your Success?


Success as an entrepreneur depends on much more than a good idea and a desire to make money. In fact, you may find that despite your best physical effort, you are still short of your goals and failing to meet your objectives for your business. Your problem may not be for lack of trying or any other tangible factor, but rather, it could be your mentality that is keeping you from moving toward your goals. In your case, a simple change in perspective and a bit of self-awareness could serve as an effective “fix” to some of the issues you find yourself facing. Are you sabotaging yourself with any of the following mindsets?

  • Passion-driven. It is a very good thing to have passion for your business and your goals, but there are times that this could be a problem if your passion never allows you to see your mistakes, observe shortcomings and make necessary adjustments. If your passion is blinding you to serious problems, that’s a sign that your passion is actually a hinderance to your success.
  • Very independent. If you were not independent to at least a small degree, chances are you would not have chosen to become an entrepreneur. While independence can be a strength, it can also be a hinderance if it keeps you from seeking help when needed. You do not know everything about everything, and it is a good thing to trust the guidance of other professionals when it comes to things like building a website, marketing, product strategy and more.
  • Too positive. Having a positive mentality is a great thing when you are chasing down the dream of owing your own business. However, this should not blind you to the need to change, adjust and move on when things don’t go as planned. A positive attitude is wonderful, but it is best to balance it with a realism that allows you to recognize problems and address them appropriately in a timely manner.

Confidence in your vision and a strong mindset are crucial components to success as an entrepreneur, but when left unchecked, even good things can have a negative effect on your business. If there is something missing or you feel like something is holding you back, start with an honest evaluation of your business mentality and the potential “blinders” you may be wearing—if it’s not helping you move forward, it’s a hinderance. Don’t self-sabatoge—evaluate, adjust and keep pushing for success.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

Finding The Magic Of A Strong First Impression

first impression

In business, making a strong first impression could be the key to closing a sale, effectively networking or even securing financing for a new project. From a strong handshake to looking the other person in the eye, there is much that you can do make your first meeting beneficial and productive, leaving that other person with the right impression of your business and your goals. There are certain behaviors, however, that could have the opposite effect, leaving the other person with a negative impression. You may be unaware of how you could be sabotaging yourself, but the following are some of the most common ways that people do harm to their cause in a first-time meeting:

  • Paying too much attention to their phone (Silence it and put it down!)
  • Failing to show interest in the other person’s interests or concerns
  • Not looking people in the eye and being polite
  • Being unaware of body language and how the other person is responding
  • Not remembering or knowing someone’s name or how to correctly pronounce their name
  • Being rude to others, such as a waiter, during a meeting

These are all incredibly basic “no-no” behaviors that most people know not to display while in a business-related meeting, yet it is possible that you are actually turning people off through your actions….even if you are completely unaware. For example, you may check your phone more often than you realize. It is possible that your sales pitch is too forceful, yet from your perspective, you are simply communicating your passion for your product or service.

A good first impression can be magical in that it can be the key to long-standing, profitable business relationships. Fortunately, making a strong first impression doesn’t take magic, it just requires self-awareness, communication skills and genuine interest in others. Are you doing anything to drive other’s away? Ask yourself how you could be making a bad first impression, and put the effort into honing your presentation. First impressions matter, and it’s worth it to work on finding that magical formula that works best for you and your business.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

Improving Your Tired, Old And Worn Marketing Plan


If you are an entrepreneur or business owner and you want to elevate your business to the next level, you cannot afford to leave your marketing plan behind. With any plan for expansion and growth should come adjustments to your existing plan. No matter what industry you are in or the type of customer you are trying to attract, you may benefit from considering the following as you weigh the benefits of beefing up your current and worn-out marketing plan:

  • Know your customer. If you are attempting to attract a new type of customer or expand your reach into a new market, it stands to reason that you must adjust your marketing strategy for this purpose. Do not expect new customers to connect with an old marketing plan, but think about how your plan is targeting this specific group.
  • Don’t sit still. While your current marketing strategy may still be working to an extent, staying in your comfort zone simply because it’s comfortable is rarely a good choice. Stagnancy will never attract new customers, especially if you hope to break into a new market.
  • Don’t be afraid to try new tactics. Marketing is a tricky game, and much of the time, it has less to do with how much you spend and more to do with how smart you are about what you have to work with. Growth and expansion may require that your strategy go in a brand new direction. That doesn’t mean that you have to reinvent the wheel, but it may mean that you try something fresh.

When you are preparing for a new period of growth or attempting to attract a new type of customer, you cannot fail to recognize the changes and adjustments that need to be made in your marketing plan. Just a few small changes can reap huge rewards and make a major impact. Don’t know where to start? You can take the first step toward revitalizing your old, tired and worn plan by turning to an experienced and knowledgeable marketing team.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

When A Good Employee Says Goodbye


Depending on the type business you have, you may be quite dependent on certain employees. It’s a great thing to have good employees, yet the more invaluable a person becomes to the daily operation of your business, the more difficult it will be when or if that person decides to seek other employment. It can be hard to tell a good employee goodbye, but it is incredibly important to be ready for major personnel changes on short notice.

It’s important to value the contribution that your employees make to your business, but it is equally important not to become complacent. No matter how many years a highly valued and critical employee has worked for you, he or she could leave for a different opportunity at any time. It is great to rely on the contributions that your employees make on a daily basis, but your business should be able to get back on track quickly and thrive, even after unfortunate personnel changes.

When you find yourself surprised by the loss of a valuable employee, you may feel overwhelmed, but now is not the time to act impulsively. You must move quickly and make decisions regarding how to fill in the gaps, but emotional decisions are not healthy or good for the long-term health of your business. You have to make thoughtful decisions, but you have to be able to make them promptly and efficiently. Big changes in personnel require big action on your part–analyze, listen, seek advice and take action.

Take care of your people, but be ready to move forward even without some of the most valuable members of your team. Your company is bigger than just one employee, even a critical employee. It may feel like a costly, even insurmountable loss, but it is possible to keep moving in a positive direction, despite this unexpected speed bump.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC