Build Your Business Around Your Passion


Successfully running a small business is no easy task. There are hundreds, even thousands, of career fields that are easier than entrepreneurship. When people choose to step into this line of work, it is typically motivated by a desire to change the world, work on their own terms or bring a specific product to a market with a particular need. Essentially, passion is what drives entrepreneurs to work long hours, network endlessly and keep pushing for “yes” after dozens of people have said “no”. If you want to work for yourself or are mulling a move into the small business world, you must ask yourself, “What is my passion?”

businessIf you are only motivated by profit, it could signal a long and hard road ahead. While income is important, money alone will not sustain your motivation when the road gets tough. Choose a venture rooted in an area that excites you, ignites your curiosity and propels you toward success. If you are passionate about fashion, don’t open a restaurant simply because you believe it will be more profitable.

A person’s passion is often connected with that individual’s strengths and abilities. Lean into your talents and dig deep to discover what it is that you feel strongly about. Build a business around your passion. Don’t start a business and hope that you are still excited about it in a year from now.

businessPassion should be the foundation of any successful business, the cornerstone of a well-executed business plan and the drive behind every sales call or calculated risk. What gets YOU excited? Answering that question could be the first step toward your future success.

A Quick Fix To Boost Lagging Interest


You may have the most needed or innovative product on the market, but if people aren’t interested, you simply won’t turn a profit. Drumming up interest can seem more difficult than raising capital, but if you know the buttons to push to peak the public’s interest, your traffic and sales will increase.

interestLocation is a key component to interest. Just as the location of an actual bricks-and-mortar storefront should be carefully considered, a business’s online presence is crucial to increasing interest. From social media to in-store events, make the effort to connect and correspond with people to whom you would like to market your product. Make your presence known by hosting events, networking, engaging people on Facebook and more.

interestUltimately, people choose to do business with individuals who are open and honest. If you are personal, authentic and genuinely concerned about customers’ problems, you will earn more than their business—you will earn their trust. Building interest in what your company or business has to offer is not as complex as it may seem to be. If you are honestly engaging with your potential clients and existing customers, it will shine through, and like moths to a flame, that light will attract interests from others.

The laws of attraction for business are not complex: be where people can see you and be authentic and engaging. If you fear that a lack of interest could have a detrimental impact on your bottom line or you are unsure of where to begin, start by seeking the help of a knowledgeable, experienced marketing professional. We have the tools you need to ignite interest in your products and services—let us help you attract the attention that your business deserves.

Habits And Productivity


Everyone wants to get more done during the day, and there are precious few people in the world who actually want to spend every waking moment dedicated to a work-related task. The key to balance between work and other parts of life is productivity. The key is not necessarily to work more hours, but to simply make better use of the hours you are already working. Productivity is about more than just a determination to get things done as quickly as possible, it’s about changing daily habits in a way that makes a significant difference in how you get things done and how much you are able to accomplish. Consider the following productivity-increasing habits:

  • productivityBeat the rush. Do you sit in traffic every morning? Instead of spending that time in the car, consider leaving for work early enough to beat the rush. Use that extra time to get things done in the office instead of listening to the terrible morning radio hosts while stuck in a traffic jam. Developing the habit of leaving just 30 minutes earlier could lead to higher productivity levels over time.
  • productivityPlan ahead. Before you leave work for the day, jot down a list of the five or so things that you need to get done first thing the next morning. This will allow you to walk right into the office and get to work instead of spending 15 minutes trying to figure out where you left off the day before.
  • productivitySay no to distractions. It’s no secret that distractions play a huge role in our overall levels of productivity. It takes discipline, but getting rid of the things that steal your time may be the single-most important key to getting things done. Be honest with yourself: How many times per day do you check Facebook? What are other ways that you may be wasting time throughout the day?

Productivity is about more than what you do on just one day. It’s about changing and improving your daily habits in order to develop tendencies that lead to consistently getting more done and doing quality work. Your only competition is yourself–how can you be better than the person you were yesterday?

The Oxygen Mask: Help Yourself Before You Help Your Business


For many entrepreneurs, their career and small business is their baby. They dreamed of it long before it came into existence, they worked hard to prepare for it, they made it a reality and, for many, it requires an intense devotion and constant commitment to keep it alive and healthy. Despite the inclination to give it, literally, everything you’ve got, it’s important to realize this one thing: You must give yourself permission to care for yourself or ultimately, your business will suffer.

businessOwning a small business can take its toll, emotionally, financially and socially. You may miss dinners with friends, birthdays, soccer games and skip important events for the sake of your business. Over time, the long hours take their toll and you may experience burnout and mental fatigue. Self-care should not only be a habit, it should be an integral part of your business strategy. You are in no position to accomplish goals in a constant state of stress and exhaustion. Show yourself the patience and kindness that you may reserve for others—press “pause” when you need to, and be honest about your limits.

businessSelf care means something different for everyone. From wellness retreats to bi-weekly book club meetings, self-care should provide you the opportunity to take a mental and physical break from your career obligations. Find out what self care means for you, then commit to implementing these habits into your life. These habits help you maintain a baseline of good mental and emotional health, even while navigating some of the more complex aspects of entrepreneurship.

businessA stewardess instructs airplane passengers to put their own oxygen masks on before they help others in the event of an emergency. Self care is like your oxygen mask–take care of yourself, and you will be in a much better position to care for your employees and business.