Tips To Become A Great Entrepreneur

I recently read a great article by Forbes that consisted of nothing more than a list of quotes and tips for entrepreneurs BY great entrepreneurs.

It’s smart to learn from other people – when we do, we can avoid many of the mistakes we’d make if we were going it alone and ignoring the wisdom of others.

Today, I’m passing the wisdom on to you – by simply posting notable quotables from some of the world’s top entrepreneurs… courtesy of Forbes.

Read, learn, and apply:

“You don’t have to be first to market, you just have to deliver and execute better.”

– Jeffrey Sprecher, Founder, Chairman and CEO, Intercontinental Exchange, Distinguished Alumnus Award, Pepperdine School of Business Management


“Connecting and collaborating are your most powerful keys to success as an entrepreneur.”

“Ask powerful questions. When someone says ‘no,’ ask why.”

“Rejection is a gift and failure is the best educator. So when someone knocks you down, get back up.”

“Don’t let anyone’s opinion of you destroy you. You have to believe in what you do.”

– Kathy Ireland, Founder, CEO & Chief Designer of kathy ireland worldwide, 2011 Phenomenal Woman Of The Year


“You have to love what you’re doing. The best entrepreneurs have something to prove and it’s not about the money. And when you realize you’re not good at something, you need to try something else.”

“Learn how to write and talk. You are always trying to persuade someone.”

– David M. Rubenstein, Co-Founder of The Carlyle Group, 2012 Large-Cap Firm of the Year in North America by Private Equity International


“Get a finance person by your side because you absolutely need to know your numbers.”

– Michelle Marciniak, Co-Founder of SHEEX, 2012 EY Winning Women


“Don’t delegate at the beginning. The best way to get a handle on the business is to learn every aspect. If things go well, you’ll be able to hire people to take over the tasks where you don’t add value.”

– Seth Goldman, Co-Founder & President of Honest Tea, 2010 Top 5 Companies Of The Year, The Washington Post


“Don’t focus only on your business. Keep your ears to the ground and be ready for constant reinvention. No sitting back on your fat laurels.”

– Jennifer Blumin, Founder of Skylight NYC, 2013 EY Winning Women


“You have to make your moment and get them to call your name. And to win, you have to go all in. Not half in. Not part way in. All in.”

– Pat Riley, President, Miami Heat, 2012 Chuck Daly Lifetime Achievement Award


“Trust yourself. And remember making big leaps requires paradoxical thinking. When you have big goals, you often feel like you’re swimming upstream when everyone is pushing you back down in the other direction. But that’s what you want — a different result compared with what most everyone else wants or is willing to do what it takes to get.”

– Ali Brown, Founder and CEO of Elevate, 2010 EY Winning Women


“Failure is your best friend on the way to success.”

– Dr. Kjell Nordstrom, Business Author & Associate Professor Stockholm School Of Economics, Thinkers 50 List Award


“Telling your story right is hugely important because at the end of the day, you’re selling a story — not a number.”

– Michael Small, President & CEO of gogo, 2013 CEO Of The Year Illinois Tech Association


“If you’re afraid of losing money, you will not make it to success.”

“You must exist as a business with a better angle.”

“Money is just a tool to make things happen.”

– Hamdi Ulukaya, Founder of Chobani, 2013 World Entrepreneur Of The Year